Autumn and winter

Autumn and winter

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Fall in love with Autumn and Winter with the help of essential oils



As soon as the weather turns colder….


Do you suffer from irritating coughs and colds?

Do your children have permanently runny noses?

Do you feel lack energy, feel lethargic and down?



Autumn and Winter don’t have to be like this.

You can stop the viruses and microbes that cause these annoying illnesses and make you feel ‘blue’.

It’s time to embrace and love those colder months!



This online course is full to the brim with tips for preventative and curative essential oils to be happier and healthier during these seasons.


You will learn:


  • The basics of using essential oils
  • How to use vegetal oils for optimal results
  • How to use hydrosols for health
  • HE: dosages and ways of administration
  • HE autumn
  • HE winter


Nature offers us spectacular sights and experiences during these months. Now you can enjoy the change of seasons and have fun in and outside. Make this gorgeous and dramatic time your favorite time of year!



Well-being is our business. So we have designed this online course to make training as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. Learn when you want, where you want. Learn at your pace.



Your course instructor is Noemie Xueref - aromatherapy expert and trainer in France for over 15 years.



You can learn all this for a fraction of the usual price.

Buy this course with your exclusive discount today!

Usual price €50. Discounted price €10.

For a limited time only.



Put the zing back in your step during the colder months!


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