Muscle and joint pain
Muscle and joint pain
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Muscle and joint pain

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Relieve muscle and joint pain with essential oils



Are you suffering from sore muscle or joint pain?

Chronic pain can be crippling.

We understand how debilitating it can be.



Muscle and joint pain can range from temporary acute pain to long-term agony. There are a variety of causes, but many people are affected and live with daily pain.


Which is why we want to help.

What if we told you, you could relieve pain 100% naturally?

It’s true!



Whether you are a professional (massagist/osteopath/physiotherapist) or you suffer from muscle and joint pain, this course will teach you how to instantly relieve chronic and acute pain. The results are life-changing!


You will learn:


  • The basics of aromatherapy
  • The benefits of vegetal (plant and vegetable) oils and hydrosols
  • The most effective ways of administration
  • Biochemical families
  • Toxicity by biochemical family
  • Therapeutic actions to reduce pain
  • How to use essential oils in osteopathy and physiotherapy for therapeutic action


+ BONUS: 44-page extracts from my speech at the PHYT’AROM International Congress in Grasse


Well-being is our business. So we have designed this online course to make training as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. Learn when you want, where you want. Learn at your pace.



Your course instructor is Noemie Xueref - aromatherapy expert and trainer in France for over 15 years.



You can learn all this for a fraction of the usual price.

Buy this course with your exclusive discount today!

Usual price €50. Discounted price €10.

For a limited time only.



Transform lives with this course.

Instant natural pain relief for you or your patients.



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